The deadline for sending the abstracts has passed. Thank you!


Recommendation for editing the abstract:
  • the abstract will contain a maximum of 300 words;
  • the font used will be "Arial";
  • the summary will be sent in Romanian and English in the same document;
  • the summary in Romanian will be written using diacritics;
  • the title will not contain abbreviations;
  • any abbreviations in the content will be explained on first use in the text;
  • The abstract will not contain figures or tables or bibliography;
  • the abstract will have the structure IMRAD - Introduction, Material and Method, Results, Discussions / Conclusions.
Structure of the abstract:
  • the title of the work;
  • authors;
  • authors affiliation;
  • introduction/purpose;
  • material and method;
  • results;
  • discussions/conclusions;
  • keywords;